Friday, March 23, 2012


I watched The Hunger Games with Jeje in order to celebrate her birthday, YAY! She treated me the ticket+our lunch and for that I'm going to stuff unstoppable sushi and teppanyaki to her mouth on my birthday bash. 

May the odds be ever in your favor. 

I really like Gale Hawthorne. Don't you just think that eyebrows are traces of heaven to follow? I am a fetish for thick eyebrows. I just think that if a person could wear thick eyebrows so well, they could wear almost everything in this entire planet. That, or a flannel plaid shirt. 

I just realised that I have a type on guys. I wish I hadn't, but, I have. First, I like manly figure. I don't like someone who's skinny as a stick, or fat as a ball. I'd like a well fitted guy. Muscly will be great, but if he's... Normal, I'd like him. Then, I like them with eyebrowssssss. As thick as it can be. It's just what makes a guy fantastic, or dreamy, or wanted, or everything irresistible in this world. Curly hair, or so straight it looked like it pops out of his head. I like musician guys! Despite they broke hearts in such stupid ways, but I guess two musician together will not be much harm? :)) I know it's too mainstream, but a guitarist or a pianist, even a harmonica player will easily won my heart. Err.... Smart. They have to be smart. And they have to be positive... And supporting.

I think I've found one... But... I'm never going to be sure. I barely knew him.

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