Sunday, April 1, 2012

April is such a great month, yes yes?

Today GEMA accomplished the outbond quite successfully, I said... At least we didn't break the egg? L00l loving the Hunger Game signage Amel&Biwski gave me. They're one of the precious things in life♥

It's so hard to make my eyes that big!!! My eyes everyday is more like =_______-

April is here! April is the month I've been waiting for, I live for April. And though my 2011 April is not as beautiful as my 2010 April, I have to say that I love April, every single year. I always have this certain calmness and security that it's April, there's nothing to worry. Even though this month I'm busy as fuck. I have cooking class and I have to watch Disney On Ice (even though Mom hasn't buy the ticket and I'm like "MOM Y U NO BUY TICKET, TICKETS NOWADAYS RUN OUT SO FAST" and I'm waiting for B-next Generation announcement and my birthday party being in the same day with the AFS test. Despite all the insanity, I love April. I don't have to wish April to be my month. April is my month.

Give this a listen!

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