Friday, October 12, 2012

(I'm so crappy)

Hello I'm currently stuck at Starbucks, guarding Jian&Hilmi's things when they went shalat jumat and yes I'm blogging from my stupid ipod and I'm going to yammer about my midterms. Is yammer even a word.

I feel like saying great things like yay midterms are done or yay I'm frikkin done circling things for midterms but HELL NO I have remedials I need to work with remedials and working oUt because I missed a. gym and b. ef during midterms and german is starting and yes I'm not using proper punctuation on this one because blogging from ipod sucks.

I know I got one remedial now which is ICT and the lesson's frikkin crappy (just like me now). The worst part is I only got 64% for it, and the score kinda start off the other scores. I know that chem is safe and I was hoping I am safe on math too but that's so unlikely. It was so hard!!! I spent almost half an hour to figure out the essays which considered slow because there are five and 30/5 is six. Six minutes per question ain't gonna cut it so I have to improve my effectivity (another s--t to add in my to do list, yay) and the 'guessing' trick for multiple choice won't cut it either. Physics sucks so much I'm not even hoping for a 70% and I hope I didn't jinx my score. Bio!!! I'm actually hoping for a better bio score because let's face it, we recognized the questions and remembered the answers and the essays weren't too crappy. But I'm brina the jinxer soI better shut it before I jinx all of my scores. Wait. I guess they're already jinxed by the level of stupidness (my brain, ladies and gentlemen).

Plans! I got amazing weekend plan this week. I'm going to watch Perahu Kertas 2 which is silly because I didn't even watch the first part but what the hell. The getting back as friends thigy with Jian is obviously no longer awkward, thank you God. I'm also going to the edu exhibit that showcases UK/Netherlands/Canada/US in Hotel Santika tomorrow, if Bapak allowe me, maybe I could apply to UK too as a backup but I think I won't be building a network if I were in UK. At night I'm attending Bos Dika's farewell party dinner which is kinda upsetting because HE'S REALLY GOING.

Why shalat jumat took so long???


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