Thursday, October 25, 2012

I only want you to be happy, I'm just sorry it couldn't be with me.

I guess holidays are meant to agree with you, don't you think? I spent the day hanging out in OSIS headquarters doing nothing and I just have to say 'nothing' is always fun. I've watched trei (yes, that's German for three:D) episodes of Gossip Girl and finished zwei (two in German:p) chapters of One Day. 

I started to fell for the book, and I did this 'falling-in-love-with-a-book' way too much time. For me, the only thing you can trust completely is books. I have this habit of choosing them with the tips of my fingers. I ran my hand through the book shelves on issues I wanted to read; Fiction, cookbooks, random funny books, Tintin comics, preteen books about having acnes and the hell of falling in love for the first time, or business/management. I started the business book reading lately and it has been hell because I have no idea what they're talking about, well, not yet anyway. And the way flipping pages for me has been the most calming feeling ever and the rush on getting to the end of the page too. Hehehehehe. I'm obviously impatient but I like me. 

Anyway I've took more teas than I ever have lately. It's been old-fashioned Twinings with two teaspoon of honey all along and I took them for breakfast this morning because I can't seem to digest anything including my banana/yogurt/cornflakes dish. I think this pms is running down like a roller coaster because I just finished eating lasagna, chicken stews, and a half package of mixed nuts. I'm crazy. I'm insane. No, I'm mega insane. 

If only I celebrate Halloween, I'd dress up as a kitten.

A random thought: You don't need to find the best you could have, you just have to settle for the one who doesn't bother looking for the better version anymore. I think it's true, I mean, you don't want to lose the moon when you're counting the stars. 

I'm rambling. GOD.

Have a merry Eid Al-Adha, friends!

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