Sunday, May 13, 2012

Summing Up: Part two

So today is the last of this amazing week. We #17 got the school to ourselves during 11/5-12/5 because the #16 is away at home stay. The school just seems loopy and distracted because there's really nothing going on there. I only studied maximum two at Thurs and one only at Friday. Hell yeah it's fun to not be studying, but gosh if only you know how much I've been missing. The strange thing is, I haven't study much and I didn't do most of my home works. Teachers are complaining but... What can I do. I'm 70% tired, 10% busy, 18% lazy and 2% dead. On the inside.

Saturday's is all fussy because my schedule is TOTALLY packed. I got my 9a.m. to 7p.m. full. The first hours are spent with chemical because I suck at chem. Luckily, the only false attempt I did is miscalculating the numbers, and thanks to several people I did em right. Like, x-8=-2 is 4, I mean, Brina seriously. You're too stupid to be true. Then I talk about b**er with Abiw and Amel, disgusting stuff I know. I went to Paguyuban Bogor afterwards and got the zonked envelope. It's alright, I let it go, until I see this...

It just broke my heart that they spell out my name as 'Sabhrina'.

This was the inside.

After listening to things there, Alira drove me to meet Meivy at Domino's Pizza. We ate cheesy bread and thin crusted pizza, then we went to the gym. As usual, I didn't burn much calories as always, sigh. Meivy had to cut her hair because it was like, a crappy, ugly, creature that lives in her head so we went to the salon. I check out C&F Perfumery afterwards and decided that ckbe smells really good, too good to be true. I think I'm going to ask that to mom. We took photos afterwards and we went home!

Btw, I didn't make it to AFS Second base selection. But Mahesa Utara's music just boost my night!<3

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