Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 3-8: I missed out, I know....

I'm going to do it quick, ok.

Day 3: Never!!! :(

Day 4: Who, I don't know. Why? It's too fucked up. I'm not supposed to like a guy in the first place because I'm not supposed to have a crush with guys because guys are annoying. I'm saving all my heart for that perfect, inexistent man in the future whom I wish will never appear so I could live my life to my fullest alone, because I still think (to this day) that men are the most inappropriate thing women should live with.

Day 5: Hmmm. This is familiar. My family's chaos and several rejection I've been through.

Day 6: Jeje, Meivy, kak Fadia, Amel. They are perfect in every way possible, but different in any way possible.

Day 7: This is hard. Tricky. I just have to pick 'The Devil Wears Prada' and Audrey's 'Funny Face'

Day 8: Straight, because a lesbian or a bisexual me would be even more... Contentious. And I can't imagine making out with both sexes. Heaven, help me.

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