Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Putih Abu, no more.

This week I've been busy; as usual, but in a very good way with this reason. I've been practicing my ass off to help in the choir for my senior, Incredible Quindecim. In further notice, we've realised that the only thing that keep us burning and singing in a good way, is the meal we had before. That, plus OSIS held an annual event called Dikit Day or Hari Pendidikan dan Kebangkitan Nasional. In Dikit Day, I was the Dandan Pahlawan contest's responsibilities, and my problem is just one; I kept losing my judges due to the very busy day! Of course, we ended up finding some but it would be nicer if I have my old judges back. Also, I was the top three of the Last One Standing. It's a contest of general knowledge, mostly civil stuff. This event was held in Monday, and we wore batik instead of our usual putih abu uniforms.

Gave a personal touch by adding the peace signs.

Me (white shirt, purple skirt)! I didn't have a photo of me in the top three, well, not in the highest quality.

The graduation was held today, on Wednesday, and we didn't get to wear our putih abu (again). Instead, we put on some fancy batiks and a uniform shirt of Paduan Suara Bina Insani, and my favourite part; some heights to give our look a maximum polish. I wore Mom's maduranese batik gentongan and Up! Stella wedges. I brought pink roses today, ten of them, for the loveliest alumna, Fadia Idzna! I'm so happy for her, for reaching the top of the ladder and reaching more dreams, but I'm kind of upset too, realising that she won't be there everyday, they won't be there everyday anymore. I've been in many kinds of school; the public, the private, the semi-public but private school; and in my opinion, the 15th generation is my favourite seniors. I mean, the way they treated their juniors and be a bunch of upstanding members of the community. I want to be like them when I'm in my 11th, 12th grade. 

And everybody knows that the advantage of contributing to this kind of event is that you get a chance to take pictures with the seniors that you've adore for a year; two maximum. Lucky, I have no shame and personally know an alumna, I get to take pictures with my idols of the year, hehehehe. 

Me and kak Fadia. The roses are from me<3 (They drew a lot of question, fyi:p)

Me and kak Dika, the former OSIS leader. He's too awesome, you know.

Me and kak Dias! He's the funniest guy ever, and I feel so lucky he knew me. Hehehehe *major starstruck*

Me and kak Ricky. Kak Ricky got in to Universitas Indonesia, Physics faculty. Go physics!

And this is me and kak Bembi. We are born from the same Mommy in the same way; We're Lady Gaga's little monsters, and we were born this way!

(l-r) Me, Abiw, Hani, Zhafira/Solo, Sarah. We sang our throats off!

Me! I did the make up by myself and helped others too. I braid my hair (cascade braid, I learnt it from here) and put on some orange/pink lip and blush.

I didn't put on my putih abu uniform this week. They won't be putting on their putih abu uniform anymore.

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