Friday, April 6, 2012

April : Easter Weekend

I interviewed some PKL or wild seller(?) in the area and it just made me more grateful. Some of them are kicking ass so they'll eat... I'm sitting here, nagging Mother about Disney On Ice tickets. All of the seller answers was identical; "I'll make it enough of my income so I won't starve my family." Think of it as... Some of the people are actually choking food off their stomaches and these families are surviving to live.

I started EF and my class contained more Bina Insani student than other classes, hahahaha. There's kak Aslina, Novi, Taya, me, Zizitop, Hilmi, and Dicky. Tho the class is a tad late and Mother was scared of the crimes spreading around the city, I enjoyed bits of the class and the teacher, Peter, is quite interesting.

As usual, I brought my mac to school and everybody is maximising the use of Photobooth. 

Ini ada Mawlanya, nama panjangnya Mawlari. Blognya klik disini.


Ini sih bukti aja kalo X-4 gak ada yang normal...

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