Sunday, April 29, 2012

April: Because life starts at the age of sixteen.

Or... At least I believe it that way. I turned sixteen at April 27th, exactly at 18:23, or 6:32p. I considered my birthday as a blessing, because I love being sixteen. There's this, I don't know, certain feeling when I said the word 'sixteen'. I'm emptying up my anticipation in turning sixteen to the survival of being sixteen.

I had my party today, and I should say it's up to my standards of perfection:B even though I didn't get my friends Maqui's custard puddings, I'm glad to say that the macarons are so great and tasted awesome, and the teppanyaki chef is entertaining. I know now that putting on a pair of Arabian Eyes sucks, though it looks a million dollar (as if my eyes has been surgically enlarged, ahahaha). I should start learning putting eyeliner without tearing my eyes up!

 Jeje sends the second wish!<3 Meivy got the first and she sent me a voicenote.

 Kakak Fadia Housewife:">


The whole invitees; Kak Fadia, Me, Amel, Meivy, Kak Sarah, Vicca, Abiw, Maul, Jeje, Rina, Icha, Mawla!

 Testimonial board

 GIFTSSS! The nails lacquer is from kak Fadia, the peace necklace and Darren Criss pics are from Abiw, the wallet is from Maul and the cup is from Mawla!

I will keep it, biw! And I'm amazingly hipster so of course I can't say no to a 'peace' sign!:)) It'll go perfectly with my jeans+tees. 

 We got matching nail polish, kak Fadia and I!<3

Mawla, this thing is so friggin important every morning, so, nothing is useless for me. I've been asking Mom for a new mug but she didn't let me get one so, THANK YOU! 

Selalu ada modus dibalik jepretan Brina.

I just realised that I have obsessions in life; Sixteen. New York. Babies. A white rose pulled out of the shirt sleeve. Picture perfect things. Nail polish. Arabian eyes. Staying pretty. Success. Writing. Sweets. And another million things, that may include you.

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