Monday, April 30, 2012

April: Ending April

I told my bapak about my exhaustion of living in Indonesia. He said if my Birmingham plan failed (as he put up early reminder that he's not going to let me live alone in the states, studying undergrad in NYU without supervision of eligible adult. Did he forgot about Darren Criss or something?), I could always go to Singapore. I never planned about going so near as Singapore, but what's not worth a try? I should look up things about studying in Singapore, though it didn't look so hard because plenty of Indonesian just moved in there and do things? I don't know why recently, my orientation just went from national to international. Not caring for those who I'm leaving, all I've think about is just me. Well, I know it'll be cheaper when I lived in Singapore, when in Birmingham I have to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr alone, also Christmas and my birthday without my parents.

There's so much to be planned, so much to be done, so much to decide. I hate April for ending so fast, yet if it's too long, my luck will run out anyway. I like April, I will always love April, it's the best one so far, regarding the fact of my sixteen years old-ness and everything. I didn't want April to end, sure, but I want to be able to miss being in April and looking forward to one. Of course I'd be seventeen next year; I want to see what lies ahead of me and what amazing pastry will be my birthday cake substitute next year. 

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