Thursday, April 26, 2012

April: Sixteen in seconds.

I like the fuzzy feeling inside when you know you're turning older in a bit
Sixteen. It's a huge number. Well, for me at least. I can't imagine myself being, sixteen. The anxiety I'm feeling right now is the exact same one like turning fourteen, but it's more... Untamed. Yes, I'm losing control, I feel like I've anticipated this for years long, yet I feel like I don't want to leave fifteen behind. No, I don't want the time to fly, letting my sixteen run out so fast and facing seventeen. Hold on to Sixteen, they say. I believe that the best times of my life will happened in this particular age; something to hold on to and say, "Hey, I got this when I'm sixteen" or "I did that while I'm sixteen", I just need something to show that... I was sixteen, and my sixteen rules. But I can't also deny that things could be a fuckload of shit. Yeah, a fuckload. I'm turning older so I think I could curse in a.. Better spelling now? Mom?

My resolution should come up soon. I think I'm going to write it when I'm actually sixteen; and in April for sure. Because in April concealed the best times of the years.

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