Friday, April 20, 2012

April: Changes

I see blogger has change my old layout to the new sophisticated design. To be quite honest, I'd rather have the old rustic layout. For all these years (since I'm... I don't know, eight?), I had the same layout of blogger, welcoming me to my dash and filling up my site with unimportant rants and posts.

So... There's nothing new in my life, despite that I'm ordering 50++ macarons, which means 100++ macaron shells and.... Two saucepan of chocolate ganache? Hahahahaha I'm so grateful that I have a parent who let me enjoy every second of my life. I have plans for post high school, which is applying to Birmingham University because the business school is great there. I said several notes about this to my father and he's kind of supportive. I just wanted to go somewhere new, because being Indonesian sucks? No, of course not:)) I may hate changes, but I do love new things. I'd love to go away somewhere, and if missing my family (heaply), so be it. I just can't imagine the years without my Oma's christmas indulgence and my mom's chicken stew in Eid Al-Fitr, but I believe the celebration somewhere out there is great too (And Christmas in England, seriously people, seriously). Now I'm preparing for my AFS Bina Budaya test, which is held in April 29th, right before my birthday party. Now you know what's my wish when I blow out the candles, don't you?

 One of the beautiful lines of Mockingjay. I hate Gale for going away, for kissing another pair of lips, but the image of Katniss and Peeta together is too pretty, with the kids playing on graveyards.

Oh dear, you have ruined me for the rest of this sick, unpleasant, beautiful, messy life of mine.

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