Friday, February 10, 2012

Too Much Holiday, School Shock Disorder

I'm still not over my holiday. Hoam. I've been sleepy all day but when I got home, I didn't sleep at all. I spent twenty minutes deciding movies and spent another ninety not watching it. I don't know what's gotten into me. I think I need new strings for my guitars. I haven't buy eraser and correction tape. I kept blanking out on tasks, teachers started to reprimand me. "Brina, what's wrong?" "Brina, you're not in your usual study buzz." "Brina, where's your assignments? You're not you." "Brina, you used to study harder, what is this all about?" And all I can do is stand there stupidly, giving a blank stare, and said, "I don't know, bu."

I want to be better this semester. I have to. I have too much dreams and too much ambition to fail. I have too much expectations and people counting their steps on me. And feeling slightly, well, so much unfocused is killing me. I still have so much to finish, so much in my tasks list. I'm always skipping the hard ones, and today I relied on people, copying their work straight off the book. I don't feel like myself lately, despite my endless inspiration on the bahasa short story I'm working on.

Damn, I got ennui. I have to fix this... Weird syndrome out of me by this weekend.


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    1. Hi beweeeewwww long time no see!:D I wrote a new short story in bahasa:p