Friday, February 3, 2012

Excuse me, st00pid d00d

Tomorrow: Watch SUJU 3D at GrandIndonesia's Blitz Megaplex. I haven't chose any thing to wear so I might've caused a riot tomorrow morning.

Next Week: School gave us a little vacation to enjoy ourselves, I wish I could go somewhere, give something a little visit before I get back to the hectic school week. Plus the assignments the teachers gave us; I'm telling you, they are holding revenges on us as we speak. IT'S A FUCKLOAD OF ASSIGNMENTS. My tasks are getting smaller and smaller in scrolls nowadays.

And I joined the Padusa or the choir of the school, yay! It seems to me that I... Have nothing to be proud of and Glee simply inspires so... I'm in. I don't know which part I'm going to sing yet, but I have nothing but the best for this opportunity. Can't pass another good one anymore, I guess?

As you know I joined Karya Ilmiah Remaja too and my project know is extracting pectin out of passion fruit's peeled skin. I can't wait to do some actual research and eat so much passion fruit in the way.

I need to learn physics! Dang.

Btw, saying bad stuff, cursing, has bad effects on you, don't you think? I never felt more guilt than I am now for cursing and being unable to control my anger in public.

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