Sunday, February 19, 2012

The family I never had.

Today's event went very well, indeed and I love X4 too for constantly staying on top and winning. I finally know the feeling of being the people backstage; knowing scores, timing the competition, reaching out to friends so they'll come in and watch the show. I am still not over the fact that I am panitia and I am one of the magic helper with pixie dusts that supporting each event to come alive and went well.

As usual, we have our general briefing of all we just do. Some of us are really pleased on how it went, especially the Shalawat competition because every class has put a lot of thought into it. But some of us, just, don't.

There's this one person that always missing; or let's just be up front and dirty; not doing his job well. We've been nothing but confronting him all the time. And truthfully, all of that confronting had no result at all, until we decided to social confront him. We sat in a room and we just blurted out our feelings and thoughts about him.

I remember saying things like, "Semua punya watak. Cuek, siapa yang enggak cuek? (Because I personally thought I am one) Tapi at least kamu bayar tanggung jawab kamu sama OSBI, tau situasi lah, dimana harus cuek, dan dimana harus bertanggung jawab sama tepati janji" Because... Don't you felt a little bit betrayed when you're all over the place, uncomfortably sweating from wearing the alma mater jacket, timing the competition, and some dudes is having fun playing a game of football? And the chills I got from reading offending status updates, I just can't take it anymore; half of OSBI too. So some of us try to explained and we apologize, everybody apologize. But something is hanging for me, as he didn't give any explanation.

Here's the thing. One of the advantage of being in an organization is being loved by many and loving many. I don't mean like, everybody is having romantic relationships with everybody but more as unity, as a family, as the place you run to when you have nowhere to go. The people you seek when you're lost, the affection you find when you're low. Having people with the same goal and the destination around you, makes it so much easier than being alone in the sea of question marks. Truly I found intense affection in OSBI, because I found new bestfriends, new picture-buddy, new coffee-mates. And I just want you to know that I'm somewhat in your shoes, and I found another missing puzzle piece from OSBI. Don't reject, don't hide anything, because in unity we're great listeners and if you got a story, tell us. Who knows, the answers are just right in the corner and it will be so much easier for you to enjoy life and everything surrounding you.

I just want you to know that we will accept you in any shapes you're in, and any explanation you're giving will be taken in seriously. Rejecting us and neglecting your responsibility will not help and sometimes just the act of sharing a painful thing can relieve some of the pain.

OSBI 11/12 is one of family I never had. Not for what it looks, but for what it gave me.


  1. May I know who? The person you're talking about? I'm so sad for not being able to come that day.