Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wordful but typeless

I had sentences running down my brain to my spines to my everything but I lost it all. Maybe I'm just tired.

I finished reading One Day by David Nicholls. Can't wait to seek for the movie and watch it, and die a little more. It's basically my life on 70 gsm, fabric bounded and covered by some pretty cover. And yes, it's a heart breaking ones. The one with love that needs twelve years to realise that it's real. she's the one I've been looking for and for all these years book. It's beautiful. It's filled with satire, comedy, laughs, love, contradictions as complicated as ever and it's just beautiful. I don't know. Some paragraphs (that I'm definitely going to quote somewhere after the madness ends) are just so me, and I see myself as Emma Morley. At first, my life may not work out but soon, I'd live in a city that I really love and every breath will be effortless, every money I spent will be worthy and every liquid I sipped will be yummy. I love rhyming things.

 Because Chelsea, Chelsea is our name.

No fouls! #RESPECT for Insan Kamil and Ummul Quro who was playing that day.

Yeah, it's for you, Biw:p

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