Saturday, November 10, 2012

What's the point of talking if it never matter.

Words can't help me ramble on how I miss you right now. I just... UGH.

I'm currently active on my fiction blog and it's a secret I know, I didn't suppose to leak it to anybody but WHAT CAN I SAY. I like it when people read my stuff and gave me some feedbacks on how I write and what should I write. They even say that I have a certain style of writing way, which is exaggerated english and I'm just all red and mushy about the fact that they pay attention to my language preference and how I used them. Hehehehe. Now I'm being stupid. 

Anyway I feel like I'm lost. Again. I'm actually furious in wanting to know what or who I wanted, and I have to start planning how will I tackle my study plans for the year or else I'm not getting a new phone, which sucks because it's on top of my need-list now. My blackberry has lost all of its sane qualifications because the battery is somehow ruined (duh. It's brina. Everything relating to her will be ruined at some points) and the substitutionary battery is not helping either. I feel like blogging One Day off my blog then I realised I forgot all of the things that resemble all of my situations PLUS I'm going to lend the book to Hayley because we're in some sort of cool book club thingy. So I can't direct quote it.

Thank god for tumblr and all fan-base thing that post things about the movie. I'm so starstruck is it, oh my god.

Don't you wish you can, I don't know, relive memories?

Like I know walking is tiring but why is it I'd run down miles for you? I know that being jealous is sickening but why I'd experience the pain for you? I know that being constantly under the radar is suffocating but why I'm keeping my head under the water? I know that loving without being loved hurts but why I keep doing it? I wish I could relive some of the sweetest memories I've had, and that's so sad because what you might think I want is my fairytale piece when in fact it's the roller coaster week I'd rather have. I know now it's nothing like roller coaster, it's more like a walk in the park alone (solemn yet frustrating) but I wish I could relive my roller coaster. It seems so... Awful at the time but it was perfect. Just the way I wanted it. I treat my relationships with people as an antidote. A remedy. And the roller coaster was the top of the list and when talking to you feels like I've put down so many baggages, not talking to you put up more luggage. Sure it's nothing I can't manage because there's nothing out there you can't handle even if you've never been through it before and learning by doing is really the best method but I wish I could talk to you again. No. Not you. You.

Now, it becomes so hard to even miss you, and it's too ironic when I know that I love you. Then, now, and later.

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