Friday, November 30, 2012


As you all know this day is a very special day for XI IPA-3.

We perform our musical drama first.

I'm just, through the roof. WE MADE IT GUYS. All of the unnecessary feelings and satires we shared is nothing compared to the final result. I know we messed up a bit (during Umbrella dance, sigh) but that's all right. Because we love the final of the final dance! And I just love the fact that #17 #18 generation and some of the #16 are willing to watch us, because that's what shows are for. To be watched! My personal fear is to be put in front, for all the school to see but I overcome that by chanting Diva's triumph chants. Diva has gotten into me right now, lol.

Let me tell you about the story of our musicals. 

Well, there's this 'boy gang' and 'girl gang' (+1... well... A Drag queen). One boy fell in love with the one girl from the other gang, and joining forces with the coolest dance crew on earth, they made a fine, awesome dance force!

The first act was Madcon's Beggin and the boys (Danar, Fafa, Ken, and Hasan) made this gate-thingy with their bodies hanging on to each other, doing a opening/closing gate movements. After the gate thingy, in come the girls (ME! and Sarah and Yavis and Amel) with the Umbrella, dancing to Rihanna's Umbrella. It's the least cool dance for me, because it doesn't take that much time practising. Though the umbrella is quite hard to manoeuvre. Mine was so stiff and it took a bit of effort to kick-open the umbrella, yet Sarah's opened during the dance. Oops. Anyway when the umbrella dance is finished, Danar, Fafa, Ken, and Hasan did a stunt jump over the back thingy and landed, becoming robots like in Step Up 3! Fafa and Hasan was the coolest. After that they backed up, Almas came in and do a solo robot steps with scooping motions on the background, when Fafa and Hasan did breakdance steps.

And this is where (my) fun begun. After the robot thingy is done, I, Sarah, Yavis and Maul got in to do a simple salsa step with the boys. Minus Hasan of course. This is absolutely my favourite part. It's a bit messy though for the others because we didn't put down the same steps (mine and Danar's was one on one, Almas-Maul's was sets of three, Ken-Sarah was sets of two and some cha-chas, and Fafa-Yavis' are there to be cute and funny, lol) but I received a lot of compliments on the salsa and it sent me through the roof. Dude, I really sucked at Umbrella! It's like my body is embalmed and stiff as heck but I could let some go in salsa. When it ends, we started shuffling and ended the whole scene with Gangnam Style! YAY FOR GANGNAM STYLE. Is a bit tricky though because I wore a knee-length short dress but that's alright.

Sadly, no one took pictures because the hall was quite dark (thankfully it's cold) and no videos are taken! It's too sad because we want to send the clips to Maris and Rani, the -2 we really missed. 

This is... The best Friday of the year! I'm sure there are (and will be) great, just simply great Fridays in the past and future but this tops of the list. Our win is our happiness, guys. I know this is not an achievement or a competition or anything but at least we prove ourself damn well today. Danke Welt. Danke XI IPA-3. It's not a bad thing, is it, being moved to November 30th? :D

[Posting our poster soon]

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