Monday, November 26, 2012

More than thirty one.

I'm in need of ice cream. Like super. I'd love big scoops of strawberry and mint and chocolate with chips and mint and tiramisu and mint and mint and mint and mint. I've always like the flavour mint in almost anything as a twist on my sweets. Like mojitos. And ice creams. But never those, hard rock mint candies because they're bitter. We don't want that.

I've been cooking lately and that's because Me&Amel are starting our Lunch Crew! Yay. Basically this is the first day. We usually eat rice (or noodles or, let's face it, carbs) at 9 am, tummy still full with our breakfast (I prefer sugar cereal or yogurt/twist while Amel eats main courses. In the morning). So we're turning our food phase and have breakfasts, lunches, and I skipped dinner. I would really like to lost some pounds because I'm such a fatty. I want to reach at least 110≤my weight≤120 for my Diva role and it's like, a month away. Hopefully by not coming to Surabaya and going away to Pare, I lost all appetite I've been calming for the past months because let's face it. Every christmas dinner is and will always be precious and glamourous at different kinds. Mine has homemade steaks with gravy, and the best fried rice on earth, rice noodles, tomato soup, and homemade pickles of carrots and cucumbers. And though there's no gifts opening because gifts are given when we earn something (or celebrated birthdays, but that was different), it's always a joy to wake up in a cool morning and saying "Selamat hari Natal." We love christmas and I always bring an ornament to decorate the tree. Last two years were a white angel carrying a harp, last year was Rudolph. I think I'm sending a santa this year because the older cousins (one is six and one is seven and the youngest is three) are being introduced to santa in their school. It should be exciting because they'd expect a present then. 

Oh yeah. I'm looking forward to christmas. Not to mention Starbucks' jolly drinks (toffee nut is a keeper) and the merry decorations and the SALES. Mom always splurged me on christmas time and I'm in need of a new wardrobe. Lol. Not a full one. I really need to invest in another white shirt and a boyfriend sweater. With a wide collar hopefully. God I'm snappy.

IPA3's musical have been moved to November 30th because this and that. In a really tight day right now, I've only managed to fully nailed a piece on the dancing scene, and I have three to dance. I really need to practice... And find a private tutor for Math.

OH! And a tune to brighten your day up.

It's really easy to listen, more to love. REALLY.

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