Friday, November 16, 2012

Something about you is so addictive

........ Ran out of words.

Found old photos of my year nine class, Alejandro!

Happy birthday Ibu Tri!

(half of) the girls!<3 MY SKIN WAS EFFIN GORGEOUS BACK THEN. Not uglyish and burnt like now-_-

See I miss having the hair I had in the last picture! Hopefully this crap on my head grow super fast so I'll look /much/ better than this. Good news! I went to BSD to check out DIS (Deutch Internationale Schule) but the school is closed, d'uh, go figure. And I got myself a new pants today hehehe it's Zara and it's pink and it looks good with my sweaters so I'm content:D I bought a MAC eyelash curler too + some socks from M&S + a pair of New Look mocs but I didn't get my goal today: tribal loose sweater. Mom said it won't be on season (yet) and I should go look for it again next month, before the Pare Trip because YES, I am going! I'm so excited and all gengless are going. My first experience spending NYE with friends. Secretly wishing you're going too, even though that's likely to be impossible.

I'm kinda sad though because I'll be missing Christmas dinner but I could go for two more years for that. I think I'll drop a visit to Surabaya after New Years. 

Still missing you (-a bit).

Now listening: Demi Lovato's Here We Go Again (I know it's an old song but man, did she read my mind or what).

How did you get here under my skin, I swore that I never let you back in, should've know better than trying to let you go cause here we go, go, go again. Hard as I try, I know I can't quit, something about you is so addictive, we're falling together, you think that by now I know, cause here we go, go, go again.

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