Monday, January 23, 2012


Hello! As you know I've updated my layout, put on some new acoustic song (Dream Interlude - Endah N Rhesa and the instrumental of Moon River with saxophone, if you ever wonder)

There's nothing personal on the changes, I just thought my new polaroid shot against the blue wall of my home, soon to be destructed (amen on that), doesn't quite suite my sweet and simple template so, I'm changing some things and set the columns to two only, not three. It's more easy to look out now, don't you think? And my new header (picture from tumblr) is much more mature and civilized. And the extra page I put in is somewhat incredible, don't you think? I didn't made buttons anymore. I made the layout pretty understandable now and I didn't change the URL.

It's January the 23rd.

Hopefully it will be a good year for me (I'm a fire rat, quite an opposite). And it rained today, about three times or so. Yay! :D

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