Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Needs

1. An ordinary Korean boyfriend, preferably speaking fluent English and have no desire to be dancing and singing at the same time.
2. Good pair of black shoes for school.
3. More daytime black dresses.
4. More daytime dresses.
5. A descent planner.
6. Plain white shirt.
7. Sweaters.
8. More red lipstick.
9. A disneyworld trip.
10. Some coat, preferably camel and gorgeous.
11. More macarons.
12. A color table.
13. Did I say planner already?
14. Coffee.
15. More coffee.
16. Coffee without weird flavorings.
17. Florence and the Machines new album: Ceremonials.
18. A chance to dye my hair in deep smooth black.
19. Various colored eye pencils?
20. Danjyo Hyoji sick shoes.
21. A practice on car driving; especially PARKING and STOPPING.
22. More time, because building my room is not an easy job.

and more to continue.
OH!!! I need more books and pens for school. Noted... In mind.

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