Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Every meeting has its goodbye for good.

Rahma Dewi Ayuningrum. People fancy calling her Ayu and I fancy calling her that as well.
Newsflash; she's moving to Solo, approx. 1000 miles away. Ok, maybe not that far, but it is pretty far from Bogor. 10 hours drive, or maybe more. She's leaving for... I don't know. And I just heard the news yesterday (1/16/2012). I thought she was joking or something, considering some people just do that. Kid about going away, dropping the news so soon, making it impossible to buy. But she didn't kid. She was not joking. She was telling the truth.
In a semester of knowing Ayu, I found her appealing because her interest for books is pretty insane as mine. We trade books in the semester and change thoughts about the story. I wish we had done something more, because she's amazing in an interesting way and it would be awesome for me to know her better.
Her leaving woke me up about something.
As you know, I'm still not over on... Things. A thing, to be precise. I'm still wandering about the days for a year plus now, and even though goodbyes are said, I'm still there. I'm still standing on the memories I made and the stinging petrichor that snuck out of his clothes. The song we used to sing, the coffee we used to drink. Still burning in the back of my mind. Blame my stillness to me, because it kills. The burning, kills. We used to walk together, it stopped. And no, I'm still not moving. The man who can't be moved, I suppose? Now he's faraway ahead of me and I'm still hurting and burning.

So... The conclusion is, every meeting will has an end. Every relationship we had will end eventually. There's many reason behind it. But mostly, it's because their job in our lives is done, accomplished. Some hurt us like hell, some left the sweetest memories. It shaped us in a fiery unique way, and to be quite honest, we won't be the person we are today if it's not because of them.

Well, arrivederci Ayu, see you very soon! Can't wait *crossing fingers*

The air is running thin. Too much nostalgia I guess.

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