Saturday, January 28, 2012

Football Game

It's half time and I don't know which side to cheer on. But I'll just... Cheer on the winning team. Cheater, I know! By the way I took my Macbook to school at Thursday because Rina wanted to copy some of the songs from my laptop. And Mr. Royno was absent so we took pictures! YAY!

My eyes<3
I love that our smile synched! Brina/Icha

Sweeter version (of me, of course. Icha is so masculine that way)

Second half time is going on. Brb wattcchhhh

P.S. I got a new nickname! The twitter account of my class @smabix4 is a riot and my nickname is bawel or captious. I talk so much, do I? :))

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