Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Purple and Awesome


This is the awesome

This is the purple

And by all means, the purple and awesome title only belongs to my everlove Blaine Anderson/Darren Everett Criss who never looked better with a tight pants. AND YEESSSS GLEE S3 IS SHOWING IN MY COUNTRY oh dear lord finally. This means my infinite trolling mojo on Blaine Anderson is back and I'll have major eyegasm... pretty much every week.
I did something quite... interesting last Sunday before New Years. I kinda go to Jakarta by public transportation (Becak, bajaj, trains) alone without Mom. I managed to buy things (Endah N Rhesa CD, several accessories from Forever21, Maqui's custard puddings) and had a haircut, hence my perfectly shaped hair now. Last time I cut my hair, the stylist personally reminded me to come back at the salon soon, so I could fix my hair (One time I didn't cut my hair in the same salon. Hot mess, baby, I'm telling you). My comment on the public transportation is... None. Well for me, despite the lucid awkwardness between train passengers, the unbearable noise from the Bajaj, not forgetting the quirkiness of a becak, that is the way it should be. It could be better, if only Bajajs have some sort of noise (and pollution!) reducers I will be a very happy girl. And I need another trip to forever21 before my birthday; Yes, my sixteenth birthday who's approx. 3.5 half months from now. I know it's still so long, too long, but I've prepared all of the things, and the guest lists, the menus, the venue, but what's left is the invitation. I'm only inviting 15 people tops, and it's my special girl friends only. Others just might get a fat chance of enjoying the baked goods I'm planning to take to school.

Anyway.... I ordered the notorious silk printed pajamas pants+top from nikicio and....

&I just received the email... It's delivered. Hearrrttssssss!

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