Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Eid Mubarak!!!

I did make a little art for Eid, and it's available to look in at here. I did mis-spell the Eid but, what the heck. I did it for fun hahahaha. The thing is, I celebrated Eid at this day, the 31st and I've been sending out apologizes since the 29th... Awkward. But I do believe what the government take is considerable and I have no regret or burning anger inside of me. Being a leader and took a stand like that /should/ be taken in, because it is not that easy. This Eid I didn't go to Kelapa Gading (because there was some family trouble we youngster cannot get involved. Mother is considered a youngster because she's not in my Grandma generation) so I spend the day importing old CDs to my iTunes and my iPod and reading books. It's been a tradition for me because I've been lacking literature lately.

I watch Barney, ok. The House episode is a total kickass, til NOW.

Two things I've been looking forever. Gossip Girl book one and Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook. Love

And because I've been so good lately, I'm treating myself to get a Disney timeless piece. It's a Cinderella first ever dress made by her minion:p The bottom part can be opened and inside is this miniature of Cinderella and Prince Charming dancing. Below there's this knob, to play the music (So This Is Love, my favourite from Cinderella) and turn the miniature around. There's also a lamp above the miniature so it lit up in case I play it in the dark. In case. I hate darkness you know that. Here's some picture.

What it looks like.

With the inside light on

Edited. I warmed up the tone and edge-blur them.

I'm so happy, the thing I hate about it is I had to pay it by myself. Mother considered that I'm old enough to afford 'stupid' luxuries like this. I cut my monthly allowance by IDR150, and it will continue for about.... 7 months or so. Bapak literally supported but he did say "Do more sacrifices on things you really need". Maybe my next sacrifice will be Pentax K-r and I should not eat for 1000 years.

Anyway, Happy Eid everyone! Found an old photo of mine.

The days of Junior High. How I miss my class and people inside it.

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