Friday, September 2, 2011

Family QT

We only meet up during Eid, my Hadisuwarno Family. It came back from my great-grandparents root because me and my cousins, Sarah and Vicca, we have different grandparents. The dinner took place in Kareueus VIP Karaoke Room. Cheesy, right??? But I had fun because I'm not the one who's singing and all I do is munching the food. I think I am in my thinnest in Ramadan but being in Syawal make me do all revenge and comeback, by eating non-stop great food.

 My twin grandmother I told you before. We're pure javanese, with a bit of Chinese and Arab.

 Vicca, Sarah, Me. I look awkward? Please do blame my hair.

 My dishes, before. I'm crazy for Chinese cuisine.

 The fish


 SAPO TAHU. I can finish it all by myself in less than 10 minutes. For real
 Peking Duck

 My plate after. Hehehehehehehe

 This. Is. Absolutely. Amazing

 The hindi option. I suddenly miss my Alejandro moments.

 It is kinda outfocused... Errrrr-_-

DESSERT. Mango custard.

It was fun, much, and we planned to spend New Year together in Bali. I'm so thrilled about the decision because I'd have very much things to capture and enjoy!!! I hope they didn't drag me down to the place where the monkeys hail.... :s

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