Saturday, August 13, 2011


I can only see you from a part. Coming close to you took energy because it's so nerve-wracking and I can't bear butterflies flying on my stomach. Coming close to you make me feel as if there's no gravity, I can't feel my feet on the ground and I can't feel my head up in the sky. Coming close to you is like riding a cyclone. Coming close to you means hands-shaking and breath-taking moments.

I can only see you from a distance, and sometimes the distance is all it takes. All it takes to fall in love with you. All it takes to admire you. All it takes to notice the color of your shoes, the pattern of your jacket. All it takes to know you just get a new haircut pr that your hair is tidier. All it takes to see you secretly without having other suspecting or you realising.

I can only see you from the screen. Watching every move you take, every picture you post. Seeing how you've changed to a more mature guy. Seeing your achievements, reading your words.

And because of that there's nothing I can do. I only watch you from a part, a distance, and the screen. Calling myself different won't make it change, because it is what I am now. A spectator.

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