Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I've been busy, you know it. After daily practice of our Nasheed session.... We didn't even get a shot to finals. I personally think we're overthinking everything, but we lack determination and ideas. After all, not every ideas are taken in and being listened. Ehem. Anyway, I did get my trophy for winning 'Musabaqah Design Kartu Lebaran' or Ied Mubarak Card Designing. Unexpectedly... I came second:p When I didn't hear my name called on the third winner, my heart just melted away. I thought coming third is exciting enough, and is an enough excitement for a year 10 student. But then after, X-4 is called, followed by the name of Shabrina and Rizky (Kiki, my partner in crime for the competition). Literally speechless.

There goes my name. In perfect spelling, yay!!!!!!!!!!! I still worrying myself for not passing Pesantren Ramadhan because I'm letting myself leaving shalat wajib for 8 days or so. But I made a promise to myself, this last days of Ramadhan must count because I have to change to be a better muslim and be a better person, who knows if I could put up some good use in the future, and it will be nothing without Iman:p
#BrinaVersiRamadhan, I KNOW RIGHT.

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