Thursday, September 27, 2012

Me and my tiring habits.

{I love putting things into these cool version of parentheses} {peek my twitter bio}

Anyway I'm here to talk about my silly, stupid habits. Well, I believe that everyone have habits, like, seriously. You're not a frikkin human if you don't have one. I have a lot of habits and one of them is being loud and nagging 24/7. I think it's one of the kinks to be an only child because no matter how old you are, you're still Mommy's baby. Yes I know I just uploaded a very embarrassing personal details on the internet but truth is, I am mommy's baby (only now, I cost way more than formulas and diapers, and I pick colours for her clothes). 

Back to the habits.

Well, first, I have this very stupid condition where I can't eat when my Mom is not around. I think it's becoming an identity for my body, this silly condition is. I can't say that I'm somehow disorderous *is that even a word, wait, I should've put this in a cool parentheses* because I eat fine when Mom's around. I can't imagine being abroad, I think I have to life. Like right now. Mom is not home yet and I'm actually starving as hell. Have I eat today? Yes. I ate some pricey chicken cordon bleu at the school canteen {it's not pricey, it's just overpriced actually, hah, hyperbole is in the room} and ate nothing in second break when I usually get some fruity popsicles or crepes. And I passed out during biology {in front of the teacher too, I might add. I don't know if that's an achievement or an understatement}. But I have some notes too, thorough too. I think I was half sleeping because I was so tired from the morning, even though I didn't do anything heavy yesterday. I think it's my leftover energy {stupid me for not wasting it down for gym}. I've done the parentheses too much do I. Yes.

Anyway, here I am now, Mom is still driving home or in the office now. I can't call her nor eat so I'm calming my tummy with a cup of sugary yogurt. Hopefully the berries I'm chewing right now is not synthetic. I think I can see myself in the next two, well, maybe three years. Helplessly living without Mom running around in the house and eating my tummy out by consuming yogurt only. (NOTE TO SELF: IF YOU'RE READING THIS IN THE FUTURE PLEASE TWEET (OR ANYTHING 'IN' IN THAT MOMENT "I'M NOT TIRED OF EATING SYNTHETIC BERRIES OUT OF PLASTIC CUP THINGY. I'M PERFECTLY FINE AND I DO NOT MISS INDONESIA.") No, Elle&Vire, I know your berries aren't synthetic but still. It's so funny that they last a longtime. The weird thing is, I ate like a horse when Mom's around. Three course of big meals and four drinks, plus a slice of funky dessert? Please, I've been through all. I'm still amazed why I have Mom around and managed to not be overweight. 

Wait. I'm on the edge of falling into the overweight category.

Another habit is... Biting my nails. Well. It's normal. It's not normal-normal, but it's something many people have.


I'm impossible to reach when I'm reading! Sucked in to the pages, mostly. I could be in a train, in a meadow, on a horse, having a dinner, drunk, terrified, crying to myself, shrinking, be confident. It's the only place where I can try multiple things and where I learnt empathy. I still remember my homeroom teacher on third glass that I really need to work on being more empathic towards other people. I was barely ten, I didn't get a single word she said. But when I become more mature and grow older, I kinda get it. I suck at interacting with people so I chose fancy fiction instead. Another habit is being ignorant, of course. I know too many things to live happily in this world so I chose to not give a f--k about people but I guess? You can gap me by asking around about something but when you're not finished, I cut you right through with an 'Oh.' and I know it's highly annoying. I know. {bitch at heart}

This week has been hell and I'm a week away to midterms. God, give me strength.

P.S. I missed my ugly watch. Yeah. Even if it's ugly.

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