Sunday, September 2, 2012

Glory Peony

(blogging from Mom's laptop like a ten year old. I really need to get that savings cracking)

School starts tomorrow! Yay! I have missed studying a lot, watching my friends preparing themselves for post-chapter exams when I hardly learnt anything. I felt stupid and behind. Blah. But enough of that because school's starting. Rumour has it (after the whole deconstruction of school's boards, from the kindergarten to the high school ones) that our minimum scores will be eighty frikkin five. I'm going to work my ass off in these two years and this will be the hell of me. I'm starting German too, I'm so happy. Ich blablablablabla. Hahahahahaha. I know. I don't know. My mom has contacted an educational agent, which sounded so cool because I thought the only word I can came up with in using the word 'agent' is Travel and Bureau or cool stuff like that. Not education. Anyway the educational agent should come up with a plan of my stay there and all the costs and all the ways and planes and trains and tickets of u-bahn and m-bahn or something like that. What actually surprises me, I don't have to go to Netherlands to buy a pack of Indomie; There's this one, quirky shop in Hamburg that sells everything Indonesia called 'Toko Indonesia'. And I was like, "YES!!!" "HEAVEN!!!" and the only thing I kept thinking is that, I could use my sweet soy sauce shipping money for (more) of my books shipping, hehehehe. 

Current List(s) 
(I really need to create an account in listography for pete's sake I love lists)

Music: Walk Off The Earth's cover of B.O.B's Magic!
Flowers: Peonies and Sunflowers.
TV: Trace and FashionTV
Words: Abyss and Erandhi.

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