Saturday, September 22, 2012

BODY JAM 62...

... WAS FUN!

Hell yeah it was fun. The movement was quite complex (the jump turn &strip part... If you were there, you'll know) but the music was so-so... I kinda hoped for a better mix like 61 or 60 which really turn up my stamina and my mood. But maybe I wasn't enjoying it 100% like I usually do in Alvin's class because a) The girl in front of me wasn't dancing and she kept blocking the mirror from me and b) I ran, yes, ran in a nine centimetre heels earlier and it was painful. 

This is the tracklist

I like the groovedown part, because it has some floor action that's quite easy and cooling. My favourite part... Well, everything. I had a hard time following though especially the first time with the front kick/wiggle/side kick/wiggle choreo but I think I'll ace it in practice (in Alvin class, obviously). It's a major loss that I still have to continue English First because I'd love to put more time in gym, hence the fact that I still need to drop a couple of pounds but the Thursday/Tuesday/Weekends arrangement has been perfect for me, yay:D 

Watched TED today with Amel and I KNOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE 20+ I KNOW I KNOW but I can't help it I really want to watch the fuzzy-thick eyebrow-bear so I kinda lied a bit during the ticket purchase. It's not like I'm going to say 'asshole' when I'm driving (because I'd be saying brengsek instead) or go on a binge drinking or smoke pot. The last point was obviously impossible because I'm highly allergic to smoke and carbon monoxides or whatever it is smoke made of and I'm not interested in hanging my life on a thin thread of weed. I know it's not wise for me to do so and let's just pray to god that if I ever have a child, s/he won't be running around, faking age like it's bound to happen (with me with glasses and wedges) or the technology just got better, like, you can ID a people by looking to their eyeballs//palms//wrist I don't know something the government could develop.

Cool tunes for the weekend and I'm off for a good Sunday tomorrow.

For all of you Lesmills throbbers, ENJOY SIXTY TWO!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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