Monday, September 17, 2012

Rain. Ef. Not a good combination.

TODAY IS FUN. Yay I (think) I aced my chem test, but what the hell I always think things and it will fall apart in a way that I don't want it to be. Freak. I made, like, stupid little tray with pizza and (what supposed to be) steak and veggies but it kinda looked like bread so I'd stick with bread (with tiny bits of veggie on the side because I'm a hipster and I eat veggies. Lol. Jk. I got a list of books to buy as usual and the top of the list is:

Ugh I'm so mellow. Ew mellow. But yay mellow because my galauness output is quite good to be frank but I don't like to be cocky but I do and enough with this but things. I miss reading Fifty Shades because I miss having Christian on my dreams side aside with Erandhi and now it's just Erandhi. Now playing: Lana's Dark Paradise. Anyway the book supposed to be amazing and I just wish I have a paypal account (so I could buy books on amazon dot com like a boss).

NERD ALERT! I'm having a crush on Joseph Vincent just because he's Joseph Vincent. His sleeve tattoo is nothing like scary or preman kampung at any point so yay! You had me at tattoo, J.V.

Let's just pray for a minute so my inner romantic mellow freak is strong enough to finish my words to you. Yes. Erandhi-you.

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