Tuesday, July 30, 2013

On friendship and things like that.

My six years best friend, Jeje, tweeted me this. It's kinda funny though. As we separate school, we, well, I, often get questions like, how long have you been friends? and where did you meet? We met at 7A of SMPN 1 Kota Bogor. I was awkward and stupid as usual and I have no idea that the girl sitting next to me in the pre-orientation will be my best friend of six years.

It's a big number you know. Considering we're only seventeen.

My first ever contact of her is her email address which I still remember until now. I remembered her old cellphone number and stop trying to remember her new ones because I basically have copies of it everywhere, in case of emergencies. We've done a lot together but one thing we never do is trying. Even though it's six years, I have done no effort whatsoever being best friends with her.

Because we never fight, we have arguments. We love to agree to disagree. Mi casa e su casa but this applies to our bank accounts. We talk about everything yet we still keep things to ourselves, which is fine. We never fuss. We didn't talk for half a year but when we met, we knew what each other do the day before. We didn't share stories because we simply know. She just knows from my voice whether I like this guy, I'm about to fall in love with this guy or I've fallen in love, head over heels crazy about this guy. Like I say, it's effortless.

It kinda goes with my other friendships. They just understand that I never share. I share a lot here, but they don't need to read to know. I rarely complain, but they know that I'm so easy to be heated over simple things. They understand too, that I'm super lazy just to text back or that I'm such a bitch and obnoxious, my mouth deserves a super sticky duct tape. We put each other in certain manners and we respect each other. It's like having multiple personalities but people gets you, they don't really think you're cray-cray.

And my guy friends? Crazy. With them, I could be anything I want to be. I'm suddenly a guy they talk to about shaving moustache and weird facts that no one wants to know. I'm suddenly a guy they talk football with, the fact checkers, the transfer rumours snatchers. I'm suddenly a fluent German speaker, suddenly have three stomaches and IMPORTANTLY that I can be funny too. Believe me, funny from a girl's point of view and guys'? Major differences. Nailing both is such a milestone for me.

At this point, I have like, nine favourite people and each plays a big role of my life. I'm eternally grateful and truthfully, life cannot be better. You know, when life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade. When life gives you friends... You make friend-ade? Hahaha.

P.S. Plus you know, worrying is trash. XII IPA-2? MAJOR FUN!!! I cannot wish for a better class. Who cares about competition, because we're marvellous united. Still wishing for this to be the best year of my schooling years, fingers crossed!

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