Friday, July 12, 2013

Spare me the heartbreak

Do you guys know that I absolutely ADORE the crime-solving show, Criminal Minds? Yeah, I can't go to sleep every here and then because of it, but it's still my favourite crime-solving television series. It used to be CSI and NCIS but CSI got way too predictable (equals no fun) and NCIS put a bit of naval politics that I will never understand (no fun too), so... Yeah. Plus, Dr. Reid and Morgan is an eye candy. I'm such a girl sometimes.

The show got me appreciate life more. Like, live your life to your fullest. Psychopaths are everywhere nowadays though I know the situation here is not as bad as in America (and in the TV show) but still. Sometimes the unsub a.k.a. Unknown Subject only has 'types' not 'certain people I want to kill' and I'm forever grateful that my face is a weird kind that doesn't attract weirdos, and I have zombie eyes + constant bitchface to scare people away. My point here is... What if you fit the 'type'? You didn't do ANYTHING wrong, just because you fit the type, you have to be strong enough to be tortured and murdered like in the show. They usually get the bad guy during his third or more victims, but if you survived, it would still leave a freaky trauma to your soul. It's a big big deal. Well, at least for me.

Better sights though, the way the team works is really cool and I think it's the main reason I'm still watching it. Regardless the smart choice of actors and actresses the producers hired for the cast, what they do in the show is really believable and it is really cool. Talk about Penelope Garcia? I still think Abby from NCIS is the queen of every lab in human land but what Penelope does is breathtaking. All techy stuff usually buys me. I'm an easy girl to please. And Dr. Reid crazy intelligence. Even though Emily is no longer in the show, I think she's my favourite female role. She's just so awesome. Plus, little Henry cameo here and there is making me curious

I'm not trying to scare you away though, it's just something in my point of view. Seeing someone's life is literally taken away when I'm here complaining about mine is certainly isn't fair. Some things in life are there to disappoint you, make you happy, make you sad, and that's because c'est la vie. As I said a thousand times before, that makes you you and no, it's not that Oxford University double word brain trick that you've probably seen in Twitter or Tumblr. Or Facebook, if you're still in 2009.

I guess... Spare me the heartbreak, as long as you let me live.

+ Sorry I didn't link up everything! I'm just so tired and I'm waiting my (endless) download of Security Update. I will link it up tomorrow! Oops. I mean, this afternoon? :d

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