Saturday, July 27, 2013

(Blue) Rush

Let's just say my experience of watching the BNI All Star v Chelsea FC game is... Extraordinary. No, actually, there's no word that could express the whole thing. From seeing the players in the bus, getting in the stadium, nearly teary, being waved by the whole squad AND my favourite team players... I can't believe I'm actually there. I can't believe that John Terry actually waved back and smiled. I can't believe Branislav Ivanovic gave me a thumb up when I called his name. It's surreal. I've been a fan of John Terry since I'm in year 5, along with Joe Cole and Michael Ballack. The last two is not in team anymore, but the current squad is AMAZING. If you've been there, seeing Hazard dribbling the ball with incredible speed and balance. My whole body ran out of adrenalin when I saw Ivanovic did his famous header (even though it fails) and even though just being loaned away, Romelu Lukaku was such a good sport during the whole game. 

We ended up getting a win with 8-1 and every goal, I jumped off my seat and literally screamed. July 25th had been a blast for me. I know there are still time until the year to end, so... July 25th is definitely one of my best nights of 2013. No. One of my best nights of my lifetime.

Until then, we'll have to (patiently) sit back and wait for the moment when I celebrated one of the games in Stamford Bridge (with 46.000 attendance, yes, Alif, YES).

I didn't took many pictures because I've learnt that some experiences are better recorded in your memories, not in pictures. So... Yeah, basically, I'm a walking euphoria of watching my favourite football team live. I have no regret what so ever and I'm looking forward to another euphoric moments of my life.

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