Friday, August 2, 2013

You had a lot of fun.

July 31st night was the funnest night of my high school, stay-at-school nights. We only stay at school on Ramadan because we have this pesantren thingy and we sat down, listen to lectures about major kitab and recite a lot of Al Quran. The fun part is we're reciting the Juz 30 and I kinda have no problem with that, I just lack confident and common sense.

At July 31st, after a weird muhasabah moment at Masjid that I never quite grasped and giggled my way through it, we went back to school. The muhasabah was weird because it was dark and it was funny because the noise in the background was some construction doing. After we got to the school, I grabbed my toothbrush and face wash to do the night ritual and that's where the fun kicks in. The guys started to scare Amel with these scary masks and being the good best friend that I totally am, I just stood there to watch and laugh my face off. Out of nowhere, more guys started to make appearances upstairs (all of seventeen generation girls were put upstairs and the boys were downstairs. I believe this arrangement was deeply and thoroughly thought, but nevertheless, the boys got feet and they walk their way up) and we started to mingle. Boys became pocong and scare Icha. Boys got together and talk about Suarez. Girls got together and gossip. Boys and girls got together and chat. I guess we made quite a scene, but I don't think we were loud, though. 

I was just started talking to Alif about things I can't remember(?) when these eleven graders ran to their room/class (Bio class. But since there's no moving class anymore, I believe it's Eleven Science 2 class) laughing and all that. We went from "HAHAHA" to "Lol wt* happened." and we saw one teacher's silhouette. Everything went Gaga. I literally ran to my room/class laughing and whispering the teacher's name, literally forgetting Abiw and Amel who chatted with Nay and Reno and Aldo. I just really want to save my ass that time. Luckily they were behind me and we laughed our whole body. If it wasn't the sudden appearance of our teacher, I think it won't be that fun. Now, I actually cannot wait for Pembekalan Kelas Dua Belas. I just wish this last through the year. It's just too fun to pass.

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