Sunday, April 28, 2013

Contemplating Thoughts on Being Sixteen

Sixteen. Sechzehn. For now, it maybe just a simple milestone I've passed, now that I am in another point of my life. It's not.

Sixteen was me, being (too) carefree and being super happy-go-lucky. Yes, I know. Looking at the archives, my best works of my posts are my complicated state of mind posts and how I'm trying to get over something that only exist in my head. It was stupid. I learnt my lesson. Somehow, turning older and adding +1 to your age is a recycling process for me and I think I've learn enough.

Sixteen was me, confessing love to the guy that doesn't even ready to hear the words. Hell, he didn't even believe such things as love. Sixteen was me, having high hopes that people changes and that you may be a factor to the process. Hell no, baby. People changes, but odds are... They're the main reason of the change. I know I am my own main reason of changing. Sixteen was me, sad and all mellow over my inability of not being able to finish my task on an organisation. Sixteen was me, drunk on love.

On the other hand...

Sixteen was me, getting home at ten p.m. after going out on town with some of my friends. God, I felt like I own the world. Sixteen was me, stupidly spending some amount of money without knowing where it went. I'm sure it's for food, but nothing of it was memorable. Sixteen was me, going to Bandung with friends on our own. Sixteen was me, starting a home party at 9 pm which eventually ends in midnight. No harm, of course. We only eat some of chicken kebabs and roasted corns. But my, the feeling sends me through the roof. Sixteen was me, finally understanding chemistry and loving them. Sixteen was me, stopping all the crazy diet I've been in and choosing to life healthy. Sixteen was me, having the ability to style my hair and put some make up on! Sixteen was me, having a phone call away to my best bro and my homies. 

Sixteen was my fabulous journey. I have loved every minute of it, none of regrets. Sure, I did some idiotic mistakes that should've not been done, but who cares? All I know is my sixteen rules. I learnt a lot. A lot-a lot. If last year I felt like April went by so fast... Now, I feel like sixteen went by so fast. I surely will missed it. If I could relive it, would I? Nope. Because it's perfect just the way it is.

P.S. Last year Brina, you didn't have any birthday cake this year, but luckily the place gave you one. Relax, this year's celebration is as beautiful as last year's!

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