Monday, April 15, 2013


CLASS SHOOTING IS OVER YO!!! A hundred scenes+ and we're done. Well, I know Amel hasn't do the reviewing things and we might need to reshoot some scenes but I'm so glad it's DONE. Now it's just my place to do my part, the editing. God. Can I do this? I'm sure, but I'm scared. Fear is over consuming me and I'm just happy that it's a sign of a living person. Having problems, living in fear, nervous when taking risks. Don't sweat it, it's basically just good signs!:)

I'm in a really... Swingy mood right now. Mercurial? I don't know. Another risk needs to be taken and I am sure in nerve hell. I'm just... Not used to it. Not that I want to jinx it or anything... I just... Man. It's just a lot to take in. I feel like pouring my heart out and just, you know, write. Without knowing someone is watching or reading or judging. Having my writing to affect nobody, simply my release. I can't do that anymore. Words just slide off my head, I can't spit it out anymore. Forty five minutes phone call with my best friend and I relieved nothing, but constant fuzziness and minimal appetite, low flow of serotonin? I don't know. I know I'm a mess but I'm...

Do you know that blogging from your smartphone is extremely, crazily, distracting? Never a post done.

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