Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Sixteen Year Old Bestfriend

If you knew me, you must've known her. Sabilla Anggiaputri is turning sixteen today! We (a.k.a. Me&Amel) dropped by her house earlier this morning after I asked Ibu Abiw to join forces, surprising her early in the morning, yay! It's my first time giving a surprise and I know for sure I had a blast and it was super fun.

I'm just gonna make it short- From what I believe, your sixteenth year is your stepping stone. I started to live my life by the principles I believed in this year. Opened up so much, yet chose to be a bit unrevealing too. I've done things I never done before (like surprising a best friend on her birthday, :p), done more things I've done before, and choosing to stay in certain ways. (I think) I've found more of myself in my sixteenth year than any other age, so my year is super significant. My sixteenth year has been super awesome, mind-blowing, breath-taking, and almost everything. I really hope you'll go through this amazing journey ahead happily and feel great about your sixteenth year as much as I do.

I love you and I'm always here to support you, I'm just a text/phone call/line/tweet away!☺☺☺

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