Saturday, August 17, 2013

My addiction for TV is unbelieveable

Whoa it's been four days since my last post? Amaze.

If you actually watch HBO's Girls... You'll get that amaze thing. Ugh. I've forgotten many words during this holiday. Like formality. Yep. I forgot the word formality. I'm that unproductive. Anyway I installed The Sims 3: University Life on my macbook (YAY FOR SLEEPLESS NIGHT PLAYING THE GAME) and bought several dvds, and one of the titles was HBO's Girls. 

Lena Dunham is genius.

Every dialog is quotable and relateable and to be quite honest, I want to be Jessa so frikkin much but who does I fall in to at the end? Marnie. I'm such a Marnie. All the desperation and thing, I'm so Marnie. First I thought I'm a 'Hannah' because no one can hate her as much as she hates herself but nope. I'm a Marnie, but unfitting to do the pretty-girl job. My life started so glorious and ended up basically in a trash can. I have all the Marnie meltdowns (ex stalking, embarrassing moments, trying something I shouldn't do, pouring my heart out at my worst) and I'm pretty much see myself as a Marnie. If I can't get a job that I want, I'd do anything as long as it pays the rent, the food, the life. Unlike Hannah. Or Jessa. I want to be her so frikkin much though. I want her hair, and Jemima Kirke has two babies now. Just saying, bro.


(my kind of self esteem; shitty. And she has OCD)


School is starting and yaaaaaawwwwnnnnnnnn.

Just kidding. I'm actually REALLY glad school's starting!:)

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