Monday, August 26, 2013


Lol I can't sleep.

Pft. Life. It happens.


Seneng banget nggak sih blognya dikepo sama orang Greifswald?

I swear to god, I think he's my first German local reader, hahaha. We talked about it during video chat tonight and he swore he just took a quick look and close because it was all in English. Well, what am I supposed to do, blog in German?! Pft.

Don't you think it's scary when someone who used to be no one in your life can basically, take up a big chunk of space in your life? I think it is...

And to believe that they're gonna be the ones that will last?

^ I'm such a fan. He's my junior and I swear he's talented tapi gak keliatan... Hahahahaha. I thought he only play guitar! ... and I kinda forget that he's a Man. Utd fan. Life man, it happens.

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