Friday, February 1, 2013

*insert sarcastic laugh here*

I've been so lazy updating my blog, I know. My bad. I'm so busy wrecking my phone (one big scratch recently, I ought to buy a cute casing, god I can't pick) and scheduling (and rescheduling) my class shooting schedule. I've been studying... not. I got 60% on my math test and IT WASN'T MY FAULT, I PROMISE YOU (you know it is, I'm just so... You know, me). 

I changed my username(s) to sashbrina. It's the (crazy) abbreviation of Sidharta Alfiaputri Sh(a)brina. Lose the a because sashabrina is weird. It sounds like my nickname is 'Sasha' and let's just say my weird name is being civilised better at this point. My name is too diplomatic and serious. Oh my god I'm bragging.

I got my Ivanovic Jersey! Thanks for Ken to buying it for me (my money, his effort). Eternally grateful.

Errrmmm, what. I thought I feel more excited this week than ever. OH! Erin came in to my English class and we played a lot of games and I'm having crazy fun at EF. Not just fun. Crazy fun. This is what you get when your teacher is Erin. I'm also happy for understanding matrix and suku banyak today at my tuition. I know I'm sleepy as hell when listening to the teacher explaining me about how to divide and add and relating to algebra and all stuff, but when you FINALLY understand what he's talking about, man... Heaven is suddenly on earth. 

Anyway. #instadaily (Even I don't use that hashtag in my useless shots lol)

And this badboy picture made it to @jansport_id, WOHOO! Cheers for us, biw!

And just for old time and fun sake, 9 People You Become After A Breakup. Number six, uh-huh.

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