Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cause no one else can say it quite the same

Hi there I'm so upset seeing my stats lowering as my posts become undeniably unfrequent. Can I say that? Undeniably unfrequent? Anyway I'm quite busy preparing for XI IPA-3 movie script and we're filming one of Dee's novels, yep. And you may also know that I got the slut part. Yep. Her name is Diva by the way so quick remarks and start renaming 'slut' to 'Diva' now. I also know that my voice is not suitable for the character Diva because it's lacking... Character. I know my face will do it because Diva supposed to be this cold-hearted, bitch-face-syndrome girl and my closet is full of clothes that Diva would likely wear but my VOICE. I feel the need of getting a vocal cord transplantation, can I do that? Plus I need to kinda clear my schedule from crazy things so I can film this movie easily. Still can't believe it's happening. In a really short amount of time and I had to do... 30+ scenes because apparently Diva is popular for saying so much and then shutting off so often. And her lines are magnificent I still can't believe I'm Diva. Should get into character more.

I'm still mellow and I can't blog via my phone when I really... Need to spill my heart out to words. Lately I've been failing and maybe it's because I'm pouring my words out for the script. Nah, it's just an excuse. Yesterday I skipped school (yay for skipping school) and stupidly rummage through my conversation captures and how I missed people so much. No. Not people. A person. There's nothing I could do because no matter how lame my apology is I still cannot think what am I apologising for (+what you did wrong too) and I know you'd ask about it. I still can't believe I even ask you such things when I know you're not expecting to. You're just too far away right now and I'm not giving out any effort to keep you closer. It's not like I don't care. It's... I don't know. It's like I want to sing you 'Forgot to Laugh' when actually it's 'More than a Memory'.

I think I'm a mess. The lasts-forever-messy mess.

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