Friday, January 11, 2013


(The tracklist)

Yay. I missed the launching due to useless hang outs at Starbucks so this year I promised myself I won't miss a launching except if there's an urgency like laziness or lack of sleep. Lol.

Anyway, I didn't went to the gym, for almost two to three weeks. Because of the Pare thingy and finals. I was so excited that I googled Body Jam 63 and seek for the tracklist. Guess what. It's amazing! I mostly knew the songs, thanks to song buddy Rayhan, and there's Greyhound. It's one of my favourites of all Swedish House Mafia songs and remixes. I was so excited last Tuesday I went early and stretched a little before class starts, hehehehe.

The steps weren't hard, except for the Greyhound part. It was a 'remix' of shuffling as you can see it here but somehow it's harder for me to follow. My favourite is still the one with Calling (Lose My Mind) but this is fun too. There's this one move where you move your hands as if you're murdering bunch of mosquitos and yes, I haven't nail that part. I know I haven't get used to the routines but I sure feel like an idiot in that class because I was the girl who nail each part of the choreography and sometimes do the challenges and take the higher level of power. 

There's this fun movement where you kinda tap your thighs and pretend like there's sand in your hands and you want to shake it off. There's some light kicking too, I feel like it's Body Combat lol. I should update this when I nail all the moves right detail them right. Wish me luck!

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