Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bandung and the bits

It's that time of the year; Outdoor Study time. Until now, I still don't know why it's called Outdoor studying because we weren't really outdoors we're just outschool, if there's such thing. Plus, we're not actually learning something. I think field trip would've been more appropriate but hey, I'm not the one in charge so I really shouldn't care.

This year we actually went out of Bogor and Jakarta. My first was Bogor-Jakarta (IPB and UIN), second was Jakarta (UI and Dufan), and this year is Bandung (UNPAD and UPI, plus what so called Kunjungan Wirausaha to Lembang Floating Market).

I'd rather go to, like, Paris van Java (a mall. YES. A mall. Judge me) but it wasn't on the option when we chose yet the responsible teacher said "We will not go to Paris van Java because you guys chose the floating market." and I remembered I just sat there and thinking "What?! It's not even in the options?! If it was, I'd chose that over a heartbeat." I mean, it's more entrepreneur-esque than some funky floating market that we actually have (and way much cooler) (not naming names).

As usual, we went per bus and this year bus sucks. We usually have boys in our class in the bus. We did have boys though, but they're like, two years younger. School, if you're reading this, please continue that tradition because I kinda want everybody to suffer. I'm lucky enough to have fun chaperones, so... Fine. I'd be having fun with my girls anyway.

I did have fun. But, it's not as fun as having boys in the bus like the last two years. I sound really slutty right now, but believe me. Having boys in the bus would ensure us of having great music, laughing tons of laugh and getting some sleep on the road.

When we got to Unpad it was already late and I wasn't really listening because none caught my attention. My shoes though, demand some affection by being broken. Thank god for superglues.

When we got to UPI... It's a whole different story. I have a familiar face there, YAY! Yay for Kamal and his awesome schedule of lectures so he could actually be there. He kinda kidnapped me(?) and put me on trouble... He did showed me around UPI and it's huge. He showed me his classrooms and the library and the canteen. If it weren't for the surprise and the lack of my cellphone battery, I'd took lots of pictures of UPI and with him. After was the floating market and you could see mine (and gengless, 'duh) instavid reaction in my instagram page and let the pictures do the talking.

[ obligatory gengless and gengless+ selfies ]

[ teacher selfies because they're awesome ]

[ this needs one word only; best! Abiw's photobomb is awesome though. First picture 'hello people hello world Abiw's in the house yo!' second picture 'lol im done photobombing people']

[ I can't believe I'm saying this; I wouldn't be myself today if it weren't for this guy ]

It was great though, if you only think from the 'spending great time with my friends' side. And now... As for the finals...

Yeah. It's NBD that we didn't make our own exams and decided to use the expert mode exams. It's N-B-D.

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