Saturday, December 14, 2013


Since everybody's not in town, and by everybody I mean everybody, I spent today cleaning and having a quiet day at home. It's still almost seven and I actually still can go out somewhere but the car is being borrowed and it's raining non-stop since this morning (I got two loads of laundry sitting in the machine because getting it out would ruin them) and it's just feels reaaaalllyy good to have no screw-y sound in the background.

I used to be so attached to my TV at times like this. It must be on, 24/7 at all costs and blackouts scare the hell out of me. But lately, Mom gave me options on either TV or internet and of course I chose the internet! Frikkin crazy. So... Yeah. I stopped binge-watching on The Kardashians, I lost track on Scandal and ANTM, I catch news by my phone and the paper. The only time the tv's on is either on movies or food channel. I have come to a point where TV sounds actually gave me headache. Well, maybe in a week I'd watch a thing or two (I think I can't wait on my Mom's approval to watch SATC on a DVD-basis, I don't want to miss out on a major it cult of the 90s!) like... I don't know. I can't make up something, I guess I'm off the TV too long :))

So when my friends told me to watch this this show, local, called Diam Diam Suka, I just don't know what to say because a) I never watched local soap operas before! The only time I was addicted to a show is when Glee went viral and a heart-throbbing me, patiently waiting for Darren Criss to recite lines and beam his amazing god-like persona and b) Gossip Girl put my standard really high on soap operas so I'm definitely hesitating. Turns out it's so hilarious and let's just say that I'm glad I don't like watching TV. I'm just really glad.

I'm so excited for The Hedon Trip. Oh wait. It's still half a year away! Alright. I'm so excited for New Years Eve. I don't know where actually I will be spending them but a busy fireworks finale is always a must have.


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