Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Turning Twenty

Words cannot even describe how much gratitude I am feeling just by having her, even with the 300 miles apart.

Three class meetings, so has it been three years? The days are long but the years are awfully short, but with you it has never been short of happiness. 

I may not always be the good sister that will always listen, I may not always be the good friend that will always be so cheery when you told me about some news, I may not always be the good girl that follows the rules, I may not always be the bad girl that always breaks the rules, I may not be a good enough student to make you proud, I may sometimes be a little off-track with my things, my mistakes are repetitive, my flaws are cover-proof, but I will always know that:

You're like a sunflower in the middle of a sun kissed, green, vast meadow. You're like the gleam of lights that we see on the surface of the sea. You're like Cumulus, floating effortlessly in the sky. You're like coats of mascara that I will never leave home without. You're like a pint of ice cream in a post-breakup scene. You're like a bouquet of flower in a pre-date night scene.

You are comforting, uplifting, connective, and probably a million good things in the world that dissolves into one single human in the world.

You are getting older, but you'll be the same person to me: The one who I run to, the one who I vent my emotions to, the one who I ask about things, the one with more greens in her plate, the one who will (eventually) lead me to adulthood, the one who will always be there. I, too, will be the same person to you: your always little, your kepo-woman, your best friend, the girl who will be as dizzy as you will at that special day, the girl who eats way too much of red meat, the girl who's only a text, a phone call, or a tap away.

I know a lucky girl. She seems to have everything but turns out, there's one thing that she's lacking. Being a lucky girl that she is, God gives the missing part of her and it turns out to be a sister.

P.S. That lucky girl is me.

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