Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ending October

All I knew is Alesso and Calvin Harris' Under Control is definitely the song of the month.

You gain some, you lose some is the most realistic quote ever.

My days has been nothing but BuzzFeed and relentless case of studying slash working out slash replying chats.

I've decided to focus on one thing more than the other...

But I definitely know that this month was awesome!

My dreams have grown into being featured in Kompas Sosialita to speaking in front of an audience in TED.

I have promised myself (and some other parties) that I will THIN myself out!

And Brina! Here's a reminder that...
a. You're turning 18 in six months. SIX MONTHS.
a.a. Feeling old already? YOU'RE NOT.
b. UN is only five months away.
c. So is that particular appliance test that you're dying to get your hands on.
d. But in the other hand, christmas is approaching in two months.
e. New Years Eve in two too.
f. Please don't give up in training those super awesome abs... You know (and he knows) that you hate the punishment.
g. Start looking around about infos on TOEFL-Prep!
h. You're never too busy. You just have a shitty priority.
i. Never give up. This video shows you why.

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