Saturday, October 19, 2013

*cough* No way *cough*

The sick bug has finally caught me. I have a sore throat 24/7 and it kept me from sleeping since Wednesday... I barely caught some sleep. And to think it doesn't effect anything at all, other than the sick-y throat and the breathing capillaries sucks. I'd switch this with a nonstop sneezing flu at any cost but who would actually want to be this sick?

(No pun intended. Seriously man, jokes aside)

Other than my sickness, everything is fine. My best friends and I made a special group on Line (we're unstoppable now) and this week was super fun... Minus the coughing. I watched Gravity twice and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, ate too much junk food, bloated my own body to a different kind of level, walked with an av. 2 miles? 3 miles? All that and top it off with the zero laundry I have done... The week's great!

I will spend tomorrow doing laundry (meh) and doing at least one of my movie homework... Aka the best homework ever.

P.S. I finally have my chance to be Jessa.
P.P.S. Fuck, they're taking the formal yearbook's photos in the next two days. That's it. Get me the #1 plastic surgeon in town. We need a quickie.

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